Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tiki Match Collection:

Sam's Seafood and Hawaiian Village
Huntington Beach, CA

Opened in 1923. Rebuilt as Tiki-themed in 1957 after a fire.
Closed in 2007
Reopened as Kona, closed
Reopened as Don the Beachcomber in 2009 - current as of September 2016

Sam's was originally a seafood restaurant but not Tiki themed however when a fire burned the building down in 1959 the family who owned it decided to rebuild with the Tiki theme. So glad they did!

I love pictures of tiki drink menus that show the drink prices back in the good ol' days!!

Photo from critiki

Photo from critiki
These are photos from critiki of Don the Beachcombers Tiki mug collection. It looks amaaaazing. Gotta see it for myself!

Tiki mug collection photo by Codman on critiki 
Tiki mug collection photo by Robin on critiki 
This Hula Girls article from sometime in 2015, which is filled with lots of in-depth information (thank you!), makes it sound like the people who own the land that this restaurant is on are hoping to demolish and redevelop but based on Hula Girls gig calendar it has them performing at Don's throughout December 2016. Let's hope this place stays open.

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